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Professor Debashish Munshi
Waikato University

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Project duration:

July 2017
June 2019

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Culture & climate change

Centring culture in public engagement on climate change

How do people’s cultural values shape and influence the way they might adapt to the new realities of climate change?

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This combined research and engagement project engages with a diverse range of stakeholders to promote science-based climate adaptation and better prepare businesses and communities to manage risk in the future. The project draws on rigorous public engagement methodologies such as actor-system mapping and citizen panels to construct a culture-centred framework of engagement on climate change adaptation. This framework will then guide the design of an innovative toolkit for decision-making on risk management in an uncertain world.

Rather than taking a reactive approach to climate-induced events, this research involves the design of effective and proactive risk management strategies to adapt to climate change.  

A particular focus of the project is on identifying risks climate change poses to the tourism sector and how all those involved with tourism can manage risks to the sector. The project also undertakes significant practical engagement by involving businesses and communities in deliberation on the best ways to address the shared challenges they face with climate change.


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